More on Interior Design Presentation…

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This example is an excellent student project from last spring semester done by M. Cook. This project involved creating a space for YouMedia (teen digital learning space within the Chicago Public Library). This student project, developed by my colleague A. Olson imagines a new space for YouMedia in Milwaukee, WI). Strengths of this presentation include the following:

  • The presentation is simple and restrained, making it easy to follow and understand.
  • All elements are very well executed: as I recall this was modeled and rendered in Revit.
  • The drawings are technically accurate, easy to read, and the renderings are amazing.
  • Most of the sheets follow a similar layout with a column of type/white space on the right-hand side (finding a consistent layout sheet to sheet, where possible, is a great approach—see last sheet below with my notes on it about layout)
  • The color-coded floorplan was required for the project and clarifies the location of project requirements outside of the standard rendered floorplan.
  • The annotated line drawing of the floor plan allows for additional notes that didn’t fit on the color-coded plan
  • Each rendered 3D view has a small key plan to help orient the viewer to location of the view relative to the plan. This is helpful, especially when projects are presented via projector so that each sheet must stand alone.
  • Design changes and project process refinement are clearly presented with notes about changes made during the design process.


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