Design Futures

I’m at a loss to go into detail about the current world situation. It’s a very difficult time for so many people all over the word. Everything is different now.

Various design and business publications are putting forward information about how the designed environment may change moving forward. Here are some links to items that have been published recently:

Business Insider: Experts say the office as we knew it is gone

Contract Magazine: The Workplace is Dead…

Fast Company: From Officles to Giant Sneeze Guards

Modern Restaurant Management: What Does Social Distancing Mean for Social Businesses

USA CDC COVID-19 Outbreak Associated with Air Conditioning in Restaurant, Guangzhou, China 2020

And now for a way to stay motivated:

New York Times:

Artists Are Hunkered Down but Still Nurturing Their Inner Visions

Or maybe this bit of coloring from the National Trust for Historic Preservation will take your mind off of things:

15 Free Historical Coloring Books

I will keep on the lookout for more design related content for planning for the future.