IMG_6966.jpgI just made a quick trip to Chicago to attend a Council for Interior Design Accreditation Workshop (CIDA), and the Interior Design Educators Council Conference (IDEC).

It was fantastic to spend time in Chicago — a vibrant city filled with amazing architecture, great food, a mix of cultures and great  art. Because I was traveling alone (for the most part) I was able to do quite a bit of exploring and followed my own whims for sightseeing and dining apart from the conference and workshop activities.

Highlights of my visit, which was primarily in the River North Area:

Spent an entire day at the  Art Institute of Chicago, where I lucked into a velvet exhibit (photo below) and was able to visit with some great art and design (more photos)




IMG_7046 (1)


I stopped in and snacked at establishments run by famous TV chefs:

Frontera Grill:  (good!)

Eataly:  (quite an array of things to eat, buy and look at)

I also happened into Ramen San: (good!)

And, found really good coffee –like  being in Italy! Café Umbria

It was great to become reacquainted with the Marina City project and I became obsessed with taking picture of it (top +bottom photo).

All in all an amazing time in an amazing place. Here is a link to the Chicago Architecture Foundation for more information about architecture/design in Chicago.



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