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Interior Design Visual Presentation | 5th Edition

I have agreed to complete a new edition of the book Interior Design Visual Presentation —this will be the 5th edition. Finding myself beginning work on this project is a bit of a jolt.

I started work on the 1st edition almost 20 years ago. Time flies, as they say, and when that original edition was published Revit and SketchUp software did not exist, nobody had a phone that was also a camera and 3-d printers were not a thing (not for regular people anyway). Now all of those previously non-existent things will be included in the new edition.

Honestly, I am always frightened to work on a new edition —it can seem very overwhelming. The motivation to do the work is usually a sense that the last edition has some “stuff” that needs “fixing” or at least serious updating. That is the case with this new edition, as I will be including new examples of both hand drawings/renderings and digital images and updating the many things that have changed since I completed the last edition in 2011.

The first part of this work will be to sort of attack the last edition and determine what needs to be eliminated and what needs to be revised. Usually at the same time I start to dig around to see what design firms are doing that is new and to see what seems to be happening both stylistically and technically with presentations. In a way this part is fun and easy because I am interested in what is going on out there and I am happy to be able to fix things that need fixing. Once I get my head around what needs to go and what has changed then the real work begins —more about that later!



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