WIX For Portfolios.

This picture has nothing to do with portfolios other than being a relaxing interlude.

As usual I learned something helpful from students this week. I was talking to a group about portfolios and the topic of personal portfolio websites came up. When I mentioned using WordPress, a student (actually several) told me they find WIX more helpful for developing an online portfolio. I looked into it and I tend to agree!

Like WordPress WIX has a free version available;  seems simple to use and look at and allows for large images to be easily inserted. Based on a quick run through, I think the free version of WIX is a bit easier to customize with color and fonts than WordPress and does seem like a good fit for use as a quick online portfolio site.

Regardless of the site used, I recommend developing an online design portfolio AFTER developing the digital or print version. This would mean one follows the steps of traditional portfolio development in terms of: 1 assessing goals, interests: 2 creating inventories of work and fine tuning projects, 3 developing a clear visual direction for the portfolio. This will lead to developing the “portfolio page graphics” (consistent title-block, graphics and layout) in in-design or similar software and then uploading those pages to a blog/website service such as WordPress, WIX or Google Bloger..

Here are links to the website services I mentioned:




Also you can search for Google

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